nI suggest you get four long pieces of string. Tie one piece to the loop at one end of the hook and another piece to the loop at the other end of the hook. Repeat for the other hook. Tie the other end of these four strings to the ceiling. Now you have supported the hooks with four long strings that attach to fixed points on the ceiling. Those four strings can support the weight of the brace and allow the fixed string and the tension spring to be horizontal with zero tension. The distance across the back of the brace when it is hanging from the ceiling with zero horizontal tension may be slightly larger than when the brace is supported on a tabletop, but call that value zero displacement. Now you can apply a pure horizontal force and measure the deformation from the hanging distance.nIs the simulation done with solid elements or shell elements? Two nodes are not good to scope for a Remote Displacement if the nodes are connected to solid elements, but might be acceptable for shell elements. In either case, add many more nodes to the scope for each Remote Displacement. That will spread the load. Make the Remote Displacement have a Deformable behavior.n