nA body has six Degrees of Freedom (DOF). You want the body to be free in one DOF, the Y direction. You want the body to be fixed in five DOF. One simple way to do that is to add a second Frictionless Support on the side face of the plate adjacent to the first Frictionless Support. Two Frictionless Supports on planar faces that are 90 apart leave a single DOF along the intersection edge on both planes. The upward force will be able to push on the plate to give you want you want.nIf you want a Flared Crack, just rotate the plate in SpaceClaim and rotate the Cam to make it tangent to the new angle of the plate.nThe Cam can have a Revolute Joint on its hole, or a Frictionless Support. The Revolute Joint prevents the cam from moving in the Z direction. The Frictionless Support on the hole cylindrical face does not prevent motion in the Z direction. The friction between the cam and the plate prevent motion in the Z direction, which is why it will solve.nn