nIf the angle between the Force and the plate is 20 degrees, and the Force is 1025 N in the Y direction, then 1025*sin(20) = 350 N are going to add to the normal force on the frictionless support and 1025*cos(20) = 963 N are going into the Friction Force holding the Cam from sliding on the plate. If you align the Force with the plate, then all that force will go into the Friction Force on the cam and none will add to the normal force. The cam action will create all the normal force. It is simpler to think about the forces in this way.nUsing a Revolute Joint or Cylindrical Support on the pivot hole in the cam prevents motion in the X and Y axis of that hole center. The hole face can't move radially, but it can move tangentially. If you also restrict axial motion, in the Z direction, then that is like a Revolute Joint and the cam body only has 1 DOF at the hole, but the deformable cam surface in contact with the plate has 3 DOF on every node in the cam that is not on that hole surface.n