nFor the vertical crack face, the total friction force is always 1250 N, since that is the input force to the model.nThe nodal contact friction force varies with the location of the node relative to the contact line, which moves on the mesh when the crack width changes. The nodal forces would all redistribute when the elements get smaller and there are more nodes in contact. The contact Frictional Stress varies with the nodal contact friction forces and the element size, which would redistribute the stress when the elements get smaller. The Mesh Refinement Study will show when the solution stops being mesh dependent.nContact Frictional Stress is relatively unimportant unless there was some surface coating that could shear off, then it might be more important. I would focus my attention on things that can cause the cam to fail during use. Calculate the margin between the failure load and the load rating for the cam. nHow does the user know when the crack width is wider than the maximum allowable width?n