Hello Huiliu.n1°/ Concerning the mesh, here are the settings I have chosen:n_ General setting:n_ Method:n2°/Concerning the boundary condition and loading, here the definition apply:n_ the fixing hole being the fixed point (Valid for all 4 loads):n_ An inner side of the hanging ring. One side per direction and per load value:nLoad according to F3= 500NnLoad according to -F2 = 6000NnnLoad according to F2 = 6000NnnLoad according to F1= 1000Nnn3°/And concerning the topology optimization, here the definition apply:n_ Analysis settings : default valuesn_ Optimization region:nn_ Objective: Compliancen_ Response constraint: Massn_ Manufacture constraint: Member sizen_ Manufacture constraint: Pull Out DirectionnnIs that you see in these settings an explanation for the imbalance in the result of the topology optimization. nThanks in advance for your help.nBest regards?nPhilippe.n