David Weed
Ansys Employee
Hi,nThe mesh looks a bit coarse around the crack tip area. You may want to consider using and edge refinement or sphere of influence refinement using the crack coordinate system as the center. Also, these recommendations from the help may be relevant: https://ansyshelp.ansys.com/account/secured?returnurl=/Views/Secured/corp/v202/en/ans_frac/fracSMART.htmln3.2.3.1. Recommendations for Remeshing FailurenA critical component in the SMART framework is remeshing as a result of crack growth. When a crack is growing, however, the crack profile can become very complex even for a simple initial crack geometry; therefore, be aware that remeshing is not always successful. Try the following if you encounter remeshing failure:nAdjust the initial mesh. A very large mesh-size difference between adjacent elements can sometimes cause remeshing failure.nTry a different number of contours for fracture-parameter calculation. SMART uses the number of contours as a reference to determine the remeshing volume. Try using four to six contours.nDo not use surface-effect elements (SURF15x) for loading purposes (including surface pressure) in the remeshing zone.nn