I see what you mean, here is what it comes up:nIf I keep on pressing Entern/solve/patchnnDomain>nmixture phase-waternnDomain> phase-watern()ncell zone id/name(1) [()] 1nInvalid cell zone.ncell zone id/name(1) [()] region_waternnError: eval: unbound variablenError Object: region_waternInvalid cell zone.ncell zone id/name(1) [()]nnNOTE: If you plan to patch the volume fraction ('mp') variable,nsince patching the reconstructed interface shape has beennrequested, please only pick one register at a time!n(0)nregister id/names (1) [0] region_waternregister id/names (2) [()]nnVariable> mpnValue [1] 1n45225 cells markednnturbulent viscosity limited to viscosity ratio of 1.000000e+05 in 45225 cellsnnAnd it patches everything that I'm looking for!! But how can I write that down into a single command line so I can put it in the Original Setting?.