Hello to everyone. I have the same problem. I was able to import a stl file into spaceclaim then correct and clean it and finally convert to solid body. Then I imported it into the mesh section . The solid body is made up of so many facets so i'm not able to do the name selection of the inlet and the outlet section. I read in this post that i have to do a Skin surface and i did it but then when I imported the geometry in to the mesh section the surfaces created didn't appear. I also tried to do a wrap between the surfaces and the solid boody but when i do it, It returns to be made up of many facets. Do you know if there is a way to glue the new surface on the solid body? or what i have to do to see the surface in the mesh section to be able to do a name selection or also in the set up to be able to set the boundary conditions? Thank you for your timen