The output from my ansys job is below. It seems like the important information is:nn*************** caught exception in method doExecute in BaseValidator can only concatenate str (not NoneType) to strnnIs it possibly an issue with version of python being used? Or some other incompatibility with EL8 and ansys 20r2?.Here is the slurm jobscript:nn#!/bin/bashn#SBATCH --job-name=fluent_testn#SBATCH --output=/scratch/ma3367/el8test/output.txtn#SBATCH --chdir=/scratch/ma3367/el8testn#SBATCH --mem=16000n#SBATCH --partition=arzani  n#SBATCH --nodes=1n#SBATCH --ntasks=2n#SBATCH --time=30:00n### format the slurm node list so fluent can handle itnnscontrol show hostname $SLURM_NODELIST > hosts.txtnn### load a module, for examplenmodule load ansys/20r2nn### run fluent without srun, specifying a list of hosts provided by slurmnsystemcoupling -R --cnf hosts.txtnn=========nnAnd my input file:nnImportSystemCouplingInputFile(FilePath = 'scinput.sci')nexecCon = DatamodelRoot().CouplingParticipantnexecCon['Solution'].ExecutionControl.InitialInput = 'fluidflow.cas'nexecCon.ExecutionControl.WorkingDirectory = 'Fluid_Run'nexecCon.ExecutionControl.InitialInput = 'mapdl.dat'nexecCon.ExecutionControl.WorkingDirectory = 'Structural_Run'nexecCon.ExecutionControl.AdditionalArguments = '-smp'nexecCon.ExecutionControl.PrintState()nexecCon.ExecutionControl.PrintState()nSolve()nn=========nnAnsys output:nnnANSYS(R) System CouplingnnExecuting from: /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/SystemCoupling/bin/systemcouplingnn2020 R2nnPoint Releases and Patches installed:nnANSYS, Inc. Products 2020 R2nAutodyn 2020 R2nLS-DYNA 2020 R2nCFD-Post only 2020 R2nCFX (includes CFD-Post) 2020 R2nChemkin 2020 R2nEnSight 2020 R2nFENSAP-ICE 2020 R2nFluent (includes CFD-Post) 2020 R2nForte (includes EnSight) 2020 R2nPolyflow (includes CFD-Post) 2020 R2nTurboGrid 2020 R2nICEM CFD 2020 R2nAqwa 2020 R2nCustomization Files for User Programmable Features 2020 R2nMechanical Products 2020 R2nIcepak (includes CFD-Post) 2020 R2nRemote Solve Manager Standalone Services 2020 R2nACIS Geometry Interface 2020 R2nCatia, Version 5 Geometry Interface 2020 R2nNX Geometry Interface 2020 R2nParasolid Geometry Interface 2020 R2nANSYS, Inc. License Manager 2020 R2nn(c) 2014-2020 ANSYS, Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use, distributionnor duplication is prohibited. This product is subject to U.S. laws governingnexport and re-export. For full Legal Notice, see documentation.nnexecuting script ''nTraceback (most recent call last):nFile PyLib/kernel/statevalidation/core/, line 34, in doExecutenFile PyLib/kernel/statevalidation/core/, line 42, in doValidatenFile PyLib/kernel/physics/ModelListeners/, line 22, in doValidateImplnFile PyLib/kernel/physics/ModelListeners/, line 297, in validateTransferAttributesnFile PyLib/kernel/physics/ModelListeners/, line 646, in __getMappingTypenFile PyLib/kernel/physics/ModelListeners/, line 641, in isExtensivenTypeError: can only concatenate str (not NoneType) to strnn*************** caught exception in method doExecute in BaseValidator can only concatenate str (not NoneType) to strnn+
+n| The variable locations of force and heatflow variables for all Fluent |n| participants are set to 'Element'. Make sure that this is consistent with |n| the setup within Fluent. When importing the SCI file (this includes running |n| inside Workbench), you can control the locations of these variables by |n| using the 'SYC_FLUENT_CONSNODAL' environment variable. For more |n| information, refer to System Coupling User's Guide. |n+
+nStarting /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/SystemCoupling/runTime/linx64/cnlauncher/fluent/fluent20.2.0/multiport/mpi/lnamd64/intel/bin/mpirun --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh -f /tmp/fluent-appfile.cbc.734361 -genv I_MPI_FABRICS shm:tcp -genv I_MPI_FALLBACK_DEVICE disable -genv FLUENT_ARCH lnamd64 -genv I_MPI_DEBUG 0 -genv I_MPI_PIN disable -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_REDUCE 2 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_ALLREDUCE 2 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_BCAST 1 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_BARRIER 2 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_ALLGATHER 2 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_GATHER 2 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_ALLTOALL 1 -genv I_MPI_ADJUST_SCATTER 2 -genv I_MPI_PLATFORM auto -genv PYTHONHOME /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/commonfiles/CPython/3_7/linx64/Release/python -genv FLUENT_PROD_DIR /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/SystemCoupling/runTime/linx64/cnlauncher/fluent/fluent20.2.0 -genv TMI_CONFIG /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/SystemCoupling/runTime/linx64/cnlauncher/fluent/fluent20.2.0/multiport/mpi/lnamd64/intel/etc/tmi.conf -n 2 -host cn108 /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/commonfiles/CPython/3_7/linx64/Release/python/bin/python3 /packages/ansys/20r2/v202/SystemCoupling/PyLib/kernel/Engine/ -mpiw intel -mport BAD TERMINATION OF ONE OF YOUR APPLICATION PROCESSESn= PID 734395 RUNNING AT cn108n= EXIT CODE: 11n= CLEANING UP REMAINING PROCESSESn= YOU CAN IGNORE THE BELOW CLEANUP MESSAGESn===================================================================================nn