nHappy New Year to you.nThis is the 2D mesh; Blue Line shows the Inlet and Red shows the Outlet. First Cell Height = D/10 = 0.01 m (D = Cylinder depth = 0.1 m)nInlet Boundary Conditions:nWind velocity of 1 m/s in the X-direction is defined as shown in the image.nTurbulent Boundary conditions: nTurbulent Energy: k = (3/2)*(inlet velocity* Turbulence Intensity)^2nSpecific Dissipation Rate: w = K^(1/2) / {0.09^(1/4)*Turbulence length scale}nI am taking the Turbulence Length Scale as 0.07 x Dia of the Domain (Dia = 6 m)nOutlet Boundary Conditions:nGauge Pressure = 0nk and w = 0nThese are my reference values:nDensity has not been highlighted here but it has been adjusted.nRe = 13000 = density x velocity x D / viscousity = 1 x 1 x 0.1 / ViscousitynSolution Method and Controls:nI used Standard Initialization from Inlet:nnWhat else can I do to increase my Cd value which for a Re of 13000 should be around ~2.1 but I get around ~ 1.5?.