Array, I would like to go in a little bit of detail here, if you may. As you have said, for a surface body quad element, the nodal difference will show a single value. But for that node, we have 4 different stress values. What is this nodal difference value at a node showing? The maximum difference in stresses at a node or something else?nYou mentioned this, A large step shows that the elements are not small enough to capture the stress gradient accurately., even if the element size (which is quite big) is constant in a body, and some regions are showing large step while others are showing small, why would I only improve the mesh in the regions which have large stress gradient? Does the large stress gradient means the the stress values are not correct there? But the stress values will also not be quite accurate in the regions having the same element size but showing a relatively low stress gradient. nI know that you, kind of, have answered this already in your previous comment, but try to understand my point of concern here, Sir.