nThanks a lot for the resoponse,nIs there any chance that I can send you an email? since some of the pictures and details are confidential, I am not sure if I can put them here, so if it is possible please send me an email :, in this case I can explain better, sorry for asking this, Thank you so much, nBy the way, you understand what I meant completely right, and I can add zero displacement in X and Y direction for each corners instead of drawing geometry of the brackets in ANSYS, but I don't know what I should do in Z direction because of springs, I know it can move up and down and there is no limit for displacement, but it is a harmonic motion so I think it should has a customized boundary condition in Z direction (I am not sure If I am right or not for customizing Boundary Condition) , so I basically I mean, instead of setting the springs(drawing the real springs with their specific stiffness) in Spaceclaim, is it possible to set a boundary condition for it in Z direction?n