Mangesh Bhide
Ansys Employee
Hellonsome things to checknIs Windows 10 64 bit in use ? or are you using Windows 10 32 bit ? 64 bit should be used.nWhat is the default system locale ? (click Windows start button and type locale without quotes and go into region and language settingsndoes your username on the computer have any spaces or other special characters ? example username is user name and not usernamensimilarly first reboot the computer, then click on windows start button type %tmp% without quotes and press enter button to go into the appdata\local\temp folder under your user profile. look for folders name starting with ans_install_tmp followed by numbers, try deleting all those folders and rerunning setupnplease temporarily uninstall any 7-zip software you might have installed, also other compression tools such as winzip winrar etc. download a fresh new installation file from the ANSYS Student resources pages and extract the zip file to a folder by using right click and selecting Extract All ...n