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This Discussion is to comment on a post that Jiri added to the discussion in the following link: You seem to think that I work for ANSYS. I do not, but I have long been a member on this site. I talked with Paul @pgl, the manager at ANSYS who created the original Student Community, back in its first year. When it was launched, only a few of ANSYS employees were allowed to reply to any posts because the lawyers had not finished sorting out how ANSYS could comply with the US Government Export Administration Regulations. ANSYS sells software around the world, but not to the list of prohibited countries.ANSYS Student software can be downloaded by anyone in the world, including people in prohibited countries. The issue is providing support. Support may be considered an Export, so ANSYS must avoid providing support to members in prohibited countries, but it’s not possible to know what country a member of this site is from. The policy ANSYS settled on was to allow ANSYS employees to point to pages in the ANSYS Help system and other pages available on the internet. The ANSYS policy allowed many more employees to participate on the site, with the limitation that they were not allowed to download any attachments, since this was the line drawn between pointing to available information and providing direct support, which is not permitted under the regulations.Members who don’t work for ANSYS are not constrained by an ANSYS employee policy and are free to download attachments and provide as much direct support as we want.I agree that videos are a great way to show someone a complicated operation of the software. That is why I created my YouTube channel: ANSYS FEA Examples. My channel has over 1000 subscribers and hundreds of videos, some of which were created just for you. Ironically, my most popular video, with over 13,000 views is how to do FEA using Siemens NX software!Anyone can create a YouTube channel. That is where most of the videos posted on this site are hosted. There are other sites that allow you to host video.One issue with members writing posts that link to their video hosted on another platform, the post becomes useless if the member deletes the video on the other site. However, I understand why the ANSYS Forum would not want to host members’ videos, because the file size of videos is large and that extra storage would increase the cost of running this site.

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