Hey Rob,nIt is 500 lines code. But here is the part of defining the variablesndouble velo_old_C, y_cg_C; ndouble velo_old_N , y_cg_N ; ndouble velo_old_S , y_cg_S ; ndouble velo_old_NW , y_cg_NW ; ndouble velo_old_NE , y_cg_NE ; ndouble velo_old_SW , y_cg_SW ; ndouble velo_old_SE , y_cg_SE ; ndouble my_tube_mass, my_tube_stiff, my_tube_length, my_tube_damping;nI have 7 DEFINE_CG_MOTION functions and each one uses 2 of the variables defined in lines 1 to 7. The last 4 variables, defined in the 8th line, are being calculated once at the initialization and all the functions use them. When running the simulation, I reach the end of one or two of the CG_MOTION functions and the message is printed correctly. Then, I get the error of fl process could not be restarted.nWhen I calculate the last 4 variables externally and define them locally inside the 7 functions, with their calculated values, and comment the 8th global variable definition line, everything works as intended.nThank you for attention!