Ansys Employee
,nPlease understand HFSS calculates realized gain and peak gain with a different formula, Please refer HFSS help document to get a better understanding.nGain and realized gain are very close to each other when the antenna is matched. However, for designs with a multi-port antenna, gain and realized gain can be different if incident and accepted power are different. There can be a small reflection at the ports and accepted power may still be small if energy injected in one port exits the model through a different port. A review of the S-matrix can show this to be the case. This does not happen in a single port antenna, which is what most users base their expectations on. When global material environment is a lossy material, antenna parameters such as gain and radiated power are no longer unique because the radiated power depends on the location of the radiation surface since power is lost as the wave travels in the background material.nI am attaching some screenshots from the help document for your reference.nI hope this will help to resolve your concernnRegards, nVivekn