Stephen Orlando
Ansys Employee
Hi Simon, this is my understanding (I'm not a graphics expert though). Generally, colour gradients can't easily be vectorized, so if a vector image contains a colour gradient, then the colour gradient portion of the image is rasterized. This is what you're seeing with the .eps where the text is vectorized but the contour isn't. It looks like the pathlines aren't vectorized in the .eps from Fluent either.nPrinting at 300dpi is standard and you won't see a difference at a higher dpi (I don't even think it's easily possible to print at higher dpi than 300). So as long as you use a high-resolution image, when you print your thesis, the quality will be good. The other thing to keep in mind is that when the .pdf (I'm assuming you're generating a pdf for printing) is generated it may downgrade the image quality. So be sure to look into that.nSteven