Bill Bulat
Ansys Employee
Hi Selva,nIf I use the code below to get the target (or expected) values of voltage and current density, I get the numbers you say you got from Workbench. You could enter this code in a command object in your project and resolve it. The output from the code will appear in the solve.out file.nA preliminary explanation of the finite element method used to obtain results can be found in the Help in section in the following article:n,nBillnnnpi=acos(-1)nr=0.0025t! RADIUSnl=0.0100t! LENGTHnrsv=1.7e-7t! RESISTIVITYni=100tt! CURRENTnna=pi*r**2t! CROSS SECTION AREAnnres_trgt=rsv*l/at! TARGET RESISTANCEnv_trgt=i*res_trgtt! TARGET VOLTAGEnj_trgt=i/att! TARGET CURRENT DENSITYnjht_trgt=rsv*j_trgt**2t! TARGET JOULE HEATn