Ansys Employee
Yes, the Baker Chart will allow you to see what regimes you're working with. From there we can decide if we want VOF, Eulerian (multifluid or otherwise) as the multiphase model. We can also look at turbulence damping to pick up the regime change. Regime change will also influence back pressure, so you may well find you need to model longer and longer sections. nFor a 10-50m section I'd use CFD and have done. For 1500m or so I'd use a Baker Chart or OLGA and then use that as an input to a more detailed CFD model. We can model the whole system but would need a very good reason (and lots of computers) to do this. I have modelled sections for a mud displacement project but that didn't have a regime change and we used activate/deactivate mesh to keep the cell count at a manageable level. n