Ansys Employee
Array Some other (non-ANSYS) software installation may put older version Intel Compiler dynamic link library (e.g. 2017) files under C:\Windows\system32, including:nlibchkp.dllnlibgfxoffload.dllnlibicaf.dllnlibifcoremd.dllnlibifcoremdd.dllnlibifcorert.dllnlibifcorertd.dllnlibifportmd.dllnlibioffload_host.dllnlibiomp5md.dllnlibiompstubs5md.dllnlibirngmd.dllnlibmmd.dllnlibmmdd.dllnlibmpx.dllnliboffload.dllnWhen Fluent 2020 R2 is launched, it links to incorrect version C:\Windows\system32\libmdd.dll if it’s there, rather than expected "C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v202\tp\IntelCompiler\2019.3.203\winx64\libmdd.dll" , and cause such error.nnRename C:\Windows\system32\libmdd.dll (e.g. to libmdd.dll.2017) should be able to resolve the issue.nnAlso suggest rename (delete or move) other Intel Complier dynamic link library files in above list in C:\Windows\system32, and notify other (non-ANSYS) software vendor not to put such files in C:\Windows\system32, since different applications may need different versions Intel Complier dynamic link library.nnThanks,nMattn