Navya C
Ansys Employee
@Supershun nIn a rotating machine, if you want to study the net force on the rotor or stator you can simply select all the rotating elements and assign a force parameter this will give you the resultant force in x or y-direction. In a rotating machine, there are local forces acting all the time on stator tooth tips and on the rotor - responsible for vibration and noise. But due to a balanced winding and balanced rotor condition, the net force will be very less.nHowever, if you want to study the NVH aspects of the machine then you need to get the harmonic frequencies associated with these localized forces. Then you can create the arc elements around the stator tooth tips in the airgap. nThen, right-click on your design in the project manager window and select enable harmonic force calculation or go to maxwell 2d and follow the process below.nafter you run the simulation you can couple this data directly for harmonic analysis in workbench and perform NVH analysis.nn