,I just want to confirm this statement what I am about to make.nThe displacements are computed for the nodes during the solution, by solving the stiffness matrix. These displacements of the nodes are used to compute the displacements within each element using the shape functions. Points within an element are chosen where the stresses are computed using those points' displacements. These points are known as integration points. After computing the stresses at the integration points, those are interpolated onto the element's nodes, again using shape functions. This means that each node will have an interpolated stress coming from each element it is a part of. An 'averaged stress' will mean that the all stresses at a node is averaged out with all of its values at that node, while an 'unaveraged stress' doesn't average out the stresses at a node. Afterwards, if you have chosen any of the options i.e. 'Averaged' or 'Unaveraged', the stresses within the element are again computed using shape functions, by making use of the stress already calculated at the node.nn