Hi Philip,nnThank you for your very detailed response. nBy coincidence, I found out what the specific expressions meant, at the same time as you were posting your reply. I realized that ix2(4,*) &0x3f = modulo( ix2(4,*), 64 ), while ix2(4,2) is simply the result of the integer division that you describe in your message.nThank you for the example you provide: this also clarifies everything.nI only have one final question on this matter: nI experimented with assigning different values to the beam type parameter, and was able to see that each value corresponds to a different cross-sectional shape. In fact, some values even lead to the element being printed as spring or damper. The only sectional shape which I was unable to reproduce was a solid (filled) rectangle. Is there any value of the beam type parameter, for which we have a filled rectangular cross-section in our beam elements?nYannisn