Array, how can contact (like frictional, frictionless, rough) become a problem for convergence in my analysis? How to identify that the convergence problem is actually because of the contact and how to overcome it?nAnd also, I am going to make a statement and would like to have your approval on this one.nThe magenta color line (in the Newton-Raphson Force convergence plot) represents the difference in the force vector between the applied force vector (for the global model) and the internal force vector (for all the nodes in the global model). This line need to have a value less than the teal line (which is basically a default value of 0.5% of the applied force vector) so that the system is considered to have converged (i.e. the equilibrium has been reached) and the solution then proceeds for the next time step'' nThere are so many nodes in the global model (each having an internal force) and on top of that the external force is also a vector, however we just see a single value of the magenta line and teal line on the force convergence plot for a sepcific iteration of a certain time step; why is that?nIs it possible if the magenta line starts below the teal line? Can it still cause any convergence difficulties?nWhy do we always observe the force convergence plot, although we have the availability of the displacement and moment convergence as well? Does all of them need to converge simultaneously in order to achieve an equilibirum within the system?.