Keyur Kanade
Ansys Employee
Duplicate of n

Following my last thread: time, I started the way back by first introducing a perfect O-grid into the sphere which I was able to perfectly section and to associate to the top part of the sphere and to an extruded bounding box at the bottom, which covers the nozzle (see pic).Up to now, I believe it would be good to try a hybrid HEX-TETRA mesh, but I can't make it work yet. For this, I saw it is necessary to create a floating surface (in my case the cyan surface). already meshed the bottom lid (red bowl-shaped geometry) with tetras, and then I tried the Edit Mesh -> Merge Nodes -> Merge Meshes option. Although It works, some degenerated elements are introduced, and many errors appear in the log, like :* unable to include quad 14612 (241820 401229 241823 401226)* I am trying to include edge 231577 402144 but vertex 231577 isn't even in the region 1This gives me a global bad quality. I would heartedly appreciate any suggestions.