,so you mean to say that the singularity is because of the sudden change in the stiffness right?nOkay I made a path for for each mesh size (the hole diameter is 4 mm btw), only the region near the singularity has high stresses for both paths (obviously the mesh size of 0.125 mm has higher stresses than 0.5 mm) and the stresses at 10 mm are almost the same for both mesh sizes. But sir what is the point of this? I am concerned about the region in the vicinity of the singularity since I am seeing quite high stresses there, even after the element (of which the singular node is a part of) for like 6 or 7 more elements for a mesh size of 0.125 mm and 1 or 2 more elements for a mesh size of 0.5 mm as shown in the pictures below.n