,consider another example given below.nnAVERAGED stresses for mesh size 0.5 mm:nnAVERAGED stresses for mesh size 0.125 mm:nnMakes me believe that the location of maximum stress here is again singularity, for the same reasons as for the previous example. Can you tell me now what is the reason behind this singularity?nMoreover, there is a stress concentration also which you can see near the stress singularity [like the teal and aqua regions]. This stress concentration was also present in the previous example. I just want to know should I believe this stress concentration? Like would it be happening in the reality as well [assuming the fixed support region is very very rigid in reality, and there is no fillet radius in reality as well from the top surface to the extended hole outer surface].nAfter how many elements will the stresses be dependable for each of the mesh sizes?n