I understand that you're suggesting that I don't script the standard features available in Mechanical because I can just do it manually. If my understanding was correct, then that's probably not the best suited for my case, as the simulation should be done automatically with absolutely no interaction from my side with Mechanical. That's why I wanted to script the whole thing.nI found that MAPDL would be more suited for my case as it is faster to load up and solve than Mechanical. I tend to do this by creating a CAD file, converting it to IGES, exporting it to MAPDL, apply SOLID187 element to it to make nodes, and carry on with the meshing, BC, .etc... (The whole process is Macro recorder). Do you think that I am missing any steps or most likely to run into problems using this approach?nJust for reference, I found out about this module called PyMPDL. It's such a convenient and powerful tool whenever Python/MAPDL integration is needed. https://mapdldocs.pyansys.com/#nThe Ansys help links worked out perfectly for me. Thanks a lot!nnRegards,nAhmed Zeidnn