nPlease show an image of the Workbench Project Archive. I want to see if you have a link from the Modal Solution cell into the Transient Structural Setup cell to create a Modal Superposition (MSUP) analysis. If you did that, then you won't have frictional contact where a gap can be open and expect contact to work when the gap closes. MSUP is a linear analysis and you can't have frictional or frictionless contact. I wouldn't ask this question if you didn't have a Modal analysis in the same model.nWhen you have only a Transient Structural analysis, then it is a Full Transient analysis and you can have frictional contact in the simulation. To get frictional contact working when there is an initial gap, you may need to edit the contact details and type in a large value of Pinball Radius to make sure the contact will be active.n