Just be careful with units. The common error is mistaking 6'2" with 6.2 feet; it'll depend on how the plans were drawn up. I had the same issue with some furnace ducting from the 60's, not helped that the plans were also A0 and had about 4 amendment sheets..... Thin walls in Fluent can be used between two fluids, as a baffle with the same fluid on both sides, between solids and as baffles in solids. Just read up on coupled walls and remember that the area of the wall is it's geometric area: if you give the wall a thickness (ie for conduction) and it's curved the area is ALWAYS the same.https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/comment/105097#Comment_105097

Thank you very much, sir! I really appreciate all your input and helps!!nI am so used to imperial units so it is fine to me (use it every day here in the US, you know how advanced...). But that A0 to A4 amendents.... Sounds like nightmare hahaha. Hopefully it ended up well.nBests,nBrandon Zhoun