@peteroznewmannDear Peter,nI have followed your above instructions and it was really helpful after that I have tried to use symmetry in the XY plane to reduce time but I have some errors and warning:n1- Current result file may not contain requested result data \Master\Varification model\I-beam to square hollow column blind bolted moment connection Experimental and numerical study8_files\dp0\SYS\MECH\file.rst. Please clear the solution and solve again.n2-The result file \Master\Varification model\I-beam to square hollow column blind bolted moment connection Experimental and numerical study8_files\dp0\SYS\MECH\file.rst cannot be opened.n3-Element violations were found by the solver. Named selections have been added for these elements.n4- The solver engine was unable to converge on a solution for the nonlinear problem as constrained. Please see the Troubleshooting section of the Help System for more information.n5- The solver did not generate valid result files so the Newton-Raphson Residuals for the incomplete solution cannot be loaded.n6- Element 21344 located in Body B3M20 (and maybe other elements) has become highly distorted. You may select the offending object and/or geometry via RMB on this warning in the Messages window. Excessive distortion of elements is usually a symptom indicating the need for corrective action elsewhere. Try incrementing the load more slowly (increase the number of substeps or decrease the time step size). You may need to improve your mesh to obtain elements with better aspect ratios. Also consider the behavior of materials, contact pairs, and/or constraint equations. If this message appears in the first iteration of first substep, be sure to perform element shape checking. Named Selections for the offending element can be created via the Identify Element Violations property on the Solution Information Object.n7- One or more MPC contact regions or remote boundary conditions may have conflicts with other applied boundary conditions or other contact or symmetry regions. This may reduce solution accuracy. Tip: You may graphically display FE Connections from the Solution Information Object for non-cyclic analysis. Refer to Troubleshooting in the Help System for more details.n