Thank you Kremella for your answernHere is what I'm trying to do. I have a valve that is supposed to be cleaned by a fluid. Before realizing in real conditions, I have to check with Fluent if the fluid will well cover the all inside of the valve to clean it.nSo for now I've realized the CAD with design modeler, the mesh with 5 inflation layers with a first aspect ratio of 1.2, and in the setup used a k-eps model with Enhanced Wall treatment, with liquid water, with boundaries Velocity inlet (1.5 m/s, with Intensity & Hydraulic Diameter methode, 5% turbulent intensity and 0.05 m as Hydraulic Diamter (the valve is DN50)), Wall and Pressure Outlet. I use second order upwind solution methods and Standard Initialization, with Absolute Reference Frame computed from Velocity Inlet. Correct me if this is wrong.nNow I can check several results but can't seem to find anything about if the fluid covers the entire valve.n