Govindan Nagappan
Ansys Employee
Command object was available for explicit dynamics starting at 2019R3. nSee release notes at n states this:nIt is possible to insert a Commands object under an Explicit Dynamics system. This is under the explicit dynamics branch and it is not under geometry branch. However, the Explicit Dynamics Commands objects do not support Mechanical ANSYS Parametric Design Language (Mechanical APDL).There is only one snippet which has been implemented. This is the command penaltyfactor which can be used to modify the penalty factor when using the Penalty method for solving contact events.nThis is documented here:n you are trying to change the type of mesh - tetra/hexa, you can use method controls to do that under meshing. For example patch conforming method to create tets, sweep/Multizone etch to create hex element. Depending on your geometry Hex meshing could require geometry editing(slicing) in DM/SPaceclaim/CAD