Hello Akoutras,nSorry to reply to your answer so late. I followed your suggestion by changing the elform to 2. I first want to try the code works or not by changing only 1 element. But the solver reported that: Total of 1 multiply defined IDs for SECTION. Also, I search the internet to find how to get the section ID in LS-DYNA. But there are no materials. Can you give some suggestions? nInput: n*SECTION_BEAMn1,2,0.833n0.1524,130127,0.1016,0.0127nError:n Beginning of keyword reader 02/05/21 13:30:34nn *** Error 10139 (KEY+139)n Total of 1 multiply defined IDs for SECTIONn (Check d3hsp for detail)nn *** Error 10133 (KEY+133)n input data failed with: 1 errorsnnBest,nXiaon