nDon't use the Enclosure tool.nCreate a new Sketch on the XZ plane. Draw the circle at the center of the fan with a radius slightly larger than the tip of the blades. Extrude (Add Frozen) a cylindrical body. It should extrude above and below the fan body.nYou need another Sketch on the XZ plane to represent the room in which the air is being circulated. Sketch that rectangle. Extrude (Add Frozen) a body for the room air. It will extrude in one direction down to the floor and in the other direction up to the ceiling.nUse Create, Boolean to Subtract, Target: room, Tool: cylinder, Preserve Tools: Yes.nUse Create, Boolean to Subtract, Target: cylinder, Tool: fan, Preserve Tools: No.nNow you will have one cylindrical air domain with a fan-shaped set of faces. This is the rotating domain and you will have a room-shaped air domain with a cylindrical set of faces to implement the sliding mesh method in Fluent.n