Govindan Nagappan
Ansys Employee
@Evgenii_K nI do not see the problem from the description provided. You can use ELIST to see the list of elements. See if it helps in finding the element ID 46nYou do not have to separate the commands in geometry section and analysis settings section. You can use /prep7 under analysis settings to go to preprocessor, then switch to /solu at the endnExample: (command under analysis setting)n/prep7n*SET,MAT_ID,102n*SET,ELEM_TYPE_ID,102nET,ELEM_TYPE_ID,BEAM189nCMSEL,S,NS_beam_all,ELEMnEMODIF,ALL,TYPE,ELEM_TYPE_IDnEMODIF,ALL,MAT,MAT_IDn/solunnInstead of cmsel, you can also use esel with enam option to select elements. I am not sure what elements you have currently. Lets say you need to pick solid185 elements from the model, you can usenesel,s,enam,,185