Sean Harvey
Ansys Employee
nApologies on delay. If you are looking to use Material Designer for concrete, then you can use it to capture the orthotropic material behavior of say fiber/textile reinforced concrete. If you have regions with and without reinforcements, or varying reinforcements, you can use multiple material models for different regions.nYou can then either Ansys Mechanical with this material that comes for Material Designer.. You do not need ACP, unless your orientations are complex (lots of curvature, bends, etc.) or if you wish to build a layup of material, or solid model of the layup.nYou can use the resulting material properties from Material Designer in implicit static structural/dynamics, etc. as well as explicit.nFailure of materials can also be explored and there are many failure theories and methods between implicit and explicit.nIf you are interested in more complex non-linear behavior in explicit, then I suggest you inquire in the other forum group hope this helps!nnRegards,nSea