Ansys Employee
,nYou could insert a symmetric object, this would take care of the dof's along the symmetry plane. Regarding the clamp, the most accurate way would be to create an assembly and assign contacts between clamp and specimen, specimen and supporting plate plate, plate and ground. But this would be computationally expensive without much of a added accuracy benefit. If you are using solid elements to model the specimen using fixed support or simple support would not make any difference since solid elements have no rotational dof's( you could check this to understand why https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/22288/why-do-we-need-to-restrain-both-the-translational-and-rotational-dofs-to-avoid-rigid-body-motion). Adding a 0 remote displacement perpendicular to the bottom plate and fixed support at clamp contact face should be enough.nRegards,nIshan.n