nHope you are doing well. I am struggling to simulate the droplet deforming inside the plastic. nSo I looked at lot of videos about VOF models. The best way I could think of was creating a region at the top of the inlet and patching it with the volume of the droplet. The complexity here is that the drop deforms at the centre as the plastic flows. nAlso, to be exact I would be having three phases here. Plastic (green), droplet (as indicated by the continuous red) and air flowing in the direction of the strand deposited.nI am using the VOF model with surface tension. I am using an UDF to simulate the flow of plastic to get a parabolic profile. As mentioned above I create a region in the shape of a sphere at the top of the inlet and patch it. Not sure what it is I am doing wrong.nAny help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.n