I was just going through the model, and checking the boundary conditions. nI found some weird lines as this in them nnWhen i zoom in, it just turns into a line. I tried reloading, re-meshing, and even recreating the entire model from scratch. but these lines dont go away. And I would have assumed it to be some display issue, but I don't think its just that for two reasons:1) the same model, when it had only a PCM or Water pipe, and not both together, did not display such issues.n2) When i checked the temperature and pressure gradients in one of the runs of this model, I rem getting very weird contours with these lines being approximately the dividing points. That is, from inlet to this line, the contours were physically plausible, but beyond this line division, got weird.If any of you could give me some insights, it would be helpful. Thanks. n