Array nthanksnI am using the VOF model and for simulation using ANSYS2020 R1. In the references followed by me, According to them we have to write a UDF for interfacial mass and energy transfer. All the references uses older version of ANSYS. i want to know in 2020 also I have to write UDF or not needed. If needed then my udf (shown below)is correct or cr=0.1nDEFINE_SOURCE(mass_source,c,t,rhoL,rhoV,vofL,vofV)n{nreal m_lvnreal sat_t=20.3nreal T_v=C_T(c=0,pt0[vap_phase]);nreal T_l=C_T(c=2,pt2[liq_phase]);nif(T_l>=sat_t)n{nm_lv=cr*vofL*rhoL*((T_l-sat_t)/sat_t)n}nelse if(T_v