SIGSEV can mean there's data missing, so given your UDF I suspect you're trying to use data that's not available as part of the initialisation process. Unhook the UDF, initialise & run one iteration then re-hook the UDF. Note, I've not looked at the code in detail so please report back on what happens.https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/comment/107949#Comment_107949

Rob,nThanks for your suggestion.nHowever, I have tried it and it still doesn't work. Running one iteration without the UDF works but then when re-hooking again, I get the same error:n==============================================================================n==============================================================================nnNode 3: Process 37247: Received signal SIGSEGV.nNode 0: Process 37244: Received signal SIGSEGV.nnThanksArraynn