Hello Array,nThis is a body brace and unfortunately we do not have the patient's body model to attach as the constraint.nThe cylinders are just to mimic the screws. We would like to analyze if the forces acting on the straps (and therefore the screws) would cause any failure on the brace when used in the long run. Is it still realistic to just apply a force on the 'Hole' edges?nIn addition, I CADed out an M4 by 5 screw on the brace last night to replace the cylinders. However, i cant seem to create a hole on the surface of the brace. I couldn't use the hole option in spaceclaim for whatever reason??nThus, I drew out a screw and duplicated it. nI used 1 of it to subtract from the brace, expecting to get a hole out of it. However, since it was a surface brace with triangulations, I had to delete some triangles that appear after the subtraction. I do not know why it only appears on one side of the brace and not the other.nBut even after deleting, the existing triangles merged with the circle to produce something like this:nnHowever, some other circles look perfectly shaped like this:nnnHow can i fix this?.Thank you.n