You can go upto 8 by acessing as follows and depend on what solver(Mecanical suit , Explicit Dynamics or LSDYNA)nIf it is an LSDYNA, Just increase the number of digits in the fringsnIf you want to go higher, either you can use post-processign tools such as CFD-POST but this fuctionality was block from 2020R1, based on my expereince.nThe best is use the ANSYS ENSIGHT postprocessor, Locate the .*rst file of your intrested system,nFire the Ensight then drag the file into it, then click on the countors and select the your feild(deformation or stress etx) then right click the legend tab and clcick on format anf change the number of decimal points and clcik on apply, it works like magic.nor you can play with the Method 2Options to tweak the positions, Comment down your response and how this works for you, All the best.nCheers, nRam