Array, but the corners are quite far away from the region which, as I have marked, shows a high nodal difference. Ofcourse near the corners, there might be a singularity and locally I am also seeing a region of high nodal difference there. nNear the step, area suddenly reduces whereas the force remains same resulting in an abrupt stress change., so I am guessing that this abrupt stress change will be affecting both the sides, I mean the one which has less thickness and the one which has relatively more, right? Or only one of them? Does this sudden change in the thickness correspond to a singularity? After how many elements can I then depend on these results and expect them to occur in the reality as well? nAt the region of sudden change in the material properties, I heard it results in a singularity. What would you say if I have the same thickness, but set of plies on each side is different from each other? Would you expect same high nodal difference in that region? (Assume large deflection is ON).nn