Hello Erik! (Are You the same Erik that already helped me, or is it just Eirks' thing to be good at this stuff, and there's more of You?)nThat was my first thought, but then I had three reasons to actually post it in the forum:nFirst, I felt like working over the weekend at this, and this error seemed like a very small thing - it really feels like being VERY close to making it happen!nSecond, and the main point, I think, was that I am working at this on my own for quite some time now, and it was really hard to find resources around, and friends working with simulations couldn't help me either. I thought it could be a good idea to share at least that small portion of the solution and case with the community, so maybe others can benefit, too nAnd last, well, I already got a great tip for moving forward with this, so I didn't feel like bothering the official support line anymore with something not urgent (I guess there is a lot to do out there with more important tickets!)nI'm still going to try and mess around the model a little until Monday, and then use the dedicated channel to share my progress. Probably crying from disappointment about my failure while doing so n Thank You for reaching out, and have a great weekend too!nK.n