Ansys Employee
,nAny reason why you created a rigid body and not directly added supports to the grate? Frictional support is a non linear contact and adds unnecessary complexity. Solver throws a rigid body error when the model is not properly supported, so please check the supports properly. You could also do a modal analysis to check if all the constraints are properly implemented. I may be wrong but it looks like the (53440N) force is scoped to the rigid body. If so this would be incorrect since forces are not transmitted through rigid bodies. Also, have you checked the mesh? Try performing a convergence study to see if the mesh is refined enough in areas of close proximity. The maximum stress in the first figure is at a corner location, this may be a result of singularity. Check this https://enterfea.com/stress-singularity-an-honest-discussion/.nRegards,nIshan.n