Array, so what you are saying is that the sudden change in the thickness of the composite plies on the two sides, that won't result in a singularity? This means I can safely depend on the results in its vicinity, since the high nodal difference is not the result of a singularity there, isn't it? What I mean to imply is that I am actually seeing an inverse reserve factor greater than my cut off value at that region where there is high nodal difference, and I want to be sure if that would be occurring in the reality or not, or that is just because of the mathematics behind the ANSYS software.nAlso, can the mathematics behind the ANSYS cause a singularity to be seen at the transition from one composite layer to another (having different plies but same thickness)? nbecause the force(direction and location) itself is changing., but as far as I know, ANSYS keeps the force direction and location constant throughout the analysis unless you apply a pressure to the surface or a follower force, isn't it?n