Eulerian with (possibly) population balance and species will be needed if you want mass transfer. Remember the fizzy drink will have some CO2 bubbles and some dissolved CO2. You'll find some information in the User's Guide, and some in the wider Fluent Help. Look up mass transfer between phases. Given it's a difficult problem I'd suggest starting with just the liquid and gas phases and work up to increasing bubble size and mass transfer.https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/comment/108597#Comment_108597

Thankyou Rob, nYes you are correct that the solution will be a super saturated one with some CO2 in bubble phase and some of it will be dissolved.n I'll look into the mass transfer between the phasesn Yes, I just want to check the simplest interaction (at the moment i am not very concerned with multiple bubbles, just need to see the behavior even of a single bubble)nI'll see where I land. nAppreciate the answer. n