nI created two different zones so that I could assign the volume fraction of air to that zone, instead of assigning the VF for plastic. I was able to solve the VF error from above.nnNow, the droplet elongates/moves along the channel with the plastic. However, I am still facing some issues. nI am playing around with different time steps. The one attached below has a time step of 0.0005. As you can see from the image there is some plastic present at the outlet. This is incorrect and should not happen. I do not know the reason for this. Also, the results do not converge even after a very long time. And as the oil droplets moves, its volume keeps on decreasing. Is that supposed to happen?nEven if I let the simulation run for a longer time, there still seems to be some plastic where air is supposed to be. nnIs there anything else I can change? Do you happen to know what the reason might be?n